Our Outdoor Clubs

We've started six clubs with 102 more HBCU campuses to go!

EST. 2024

Hampton University

EST. 2023

Alabama A&M University

EST. 2022

Bowie State University

EST. 2022

Elizabeth City State University

EST. 2021

Florida A&M University

EST. 2022

Howard University

EST. 2022

Tennessee State University

Our Club Model

We employ pairs of student ambassadors to build sustainable outdoor clubs on their campuses. They have three goals:

  • 1.

    Leave a legacy by chartering an official school club and establishing student governance.

  • 2.

    Build community and culture on campus around healthy outdoor activities.

  • 3.

    Have fun outdoors and coordinate five or more outings for your school.

"Program is designed to get more HBCU students involved in the outdoors."

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